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Studien zur Spiritualität in Geschichte und Gegenwart ---- ein Jahrbuch

Studies in Spirituality Edition 26/2016

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Below are the titles of the contributions in the upcoming Studies in Spirituality 26. There is also an overview of the summaries of all contributions.


Bernd Jaspert
‘Spiritualität’ in deutschen theologischen Lexika des 21. Jahrhunderts
Henk Barendregt
Keys to Two Intimacies – Mathesis and Mysticism
Janet Ruffing
‘They Say that We Are Wound with Mercy Round and Round’ –The Mystical Ground of Compassion
Marie Baird
Toward a Kenotic Model of Spiritual Subjectivity
David T. Bradford
Mystical Process in Isaac the Syrian – Tears, Penthos, and the Physiology of Dispassion
Ben Schomakers
An Eternal Incorrigible Metaphysician – Decoding the Christology of Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite
Rachel Elior
The unknown mystical history of the festival of Shavu’ot
Martina Roesner
Producing Life – Meister Eckhart, Postmodern Spirituality, and the ‘Poverty of Thought’
Michael McGlynn
The Salmon of Knowledge, The Cloud of Unknowing, And Other Accounts of Instant Knowing
Neil Pembroke
Ironic Imagination and Luther’s Mystical Bridal Imagery
Timothy W. O’Brien
‘Con Ojos Interiores’ – Ignatius of Loyola and the Spiritual Senses
Elissa Cutter
Eating and Drinking Condemnation – Jansenist and Puritan Spiritualities of Communion
Thomas Quartier
Spirituality: Engagement and Reflection – Dialogical Explorations among Practitioners and Intellectuals
Bin Song
Political Mysticism and Political Theology of Dorothee Sölle
Peter Jansen, Jan van der Stoep, Jozef Keulartz & Henk Jochemsen
Notions of the Sublime – A Case Study into Layers of Depth in Experiences of Nature
Daniel Meyer-Dinkgräfe
Holistic Experience of Opera and the International Opera Theater (IOT)
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