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Interreligiöse Gastfreundschaft auf den gemeinsamen Pilgerwegen von Juden, Christen und Muslimen

A Stranger is Calling. 

Jews, Christians, and Muslims as Fellow Travelers

Author: Anton Wessels
Translated by Henry Jansen
Foreword by Charles Amjad Ali
Eugene, Oregon (USA): Publisher: Wipf & Stock 2017, 264 pp.

  • --- Paperback ISBN: 9781532607974
    --- eBook ISBN: 9781532607974

Der Autor
Anton Wessels is Professor Emeritus
of the History of Religion, Islam in particular,
at VU University Amsterdam (Free University of Amsterdam). 
He is the author of
--- The Torah, the Gospel, 
The Qur'an:
     Three Books, Two Cities, One Tale
--- Europe, Was it Ever Really Christian? (1994)
--- Muslims and the West: Can They Be Integrated? (2006).

Abraham als Vorbild für interreligiöse Gastfreundschaft heute
Abraham, the father of all believers, plays host to three strangers, one of whom is God, and thus sets an example for others to follow. 
Jews, Christians, and Muslims often treat each other as strangers. 
Their Holy Books are not the cause of their conflicts and enmity 
but rather show the way to solve them. 
They tell a common story of the lifelong journey of the human being
to the promised city, the promised land, and the promised world 
where justice and righteousness reign. "

Nelly van Doorn-Harder (Wake Forest University):
Sich auf den Fremden einlassen
als Chance für die interreligiöse Begegnung 
"Relying on rich references to poetry, prose, and art, 
Wessels probes the age-old and sacred practice of hospitality to strangers. 
Centering his analysis on the famous Genesis story of Abraham 
who entertained three strangers, 
Wessels' indirect message is that we are at risk of incurring great losses 
when ignoring the stranger.
Students of inter-religious encounters, from college courses
to meetings in churches, synagogues, and mosques, 
will greatly benefit from the erudite and in-depth information this book provides." 

Aus dem Vorwort von Charles Anjad-Ali
"A Stranger is Calling . . . is by far [Anton's] richest and most ambitious text yet. 
It weaves a very colorful and rich tapestry of multivalent and diverse traditions. 
Only an erudite and critical scholar like Anton could have brought such seemingly disparate elements together in such a brilliant and enlightening way. 
This coherent tour de force invites us to reevaluate our perspectives on truth, history, revelation, and even the divine." 

Mehr zum Buch über : The Torah, the GospelThe Qur'an: 
Three Books, Two Cities, One Tale (2013)

   Anton WESSELS: Thora, Evangelie.
   3 Boeken, 2 Steden, 1 Verhaal. 
Kampen (NL): Kok 2010

   Eine besondere Monografie zu den
   drei monotheistischen Traditionen,
   in der auch die heiligen Städte
   (nicht nur Jerusalem und Mekka)
   besonders gewürdigt werden.
   So liest man die eine Geschichte
   durch ihre teilweise verblüffenden Varianten
    in den drei Religionen ganz neu.

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