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Brückenbau: Die Religionen der anderen verstehen lernen

Antony Fernando: Building Bridges:
Understanding the Religions of Others.

Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Islam.

Mesa (Arizona): 
iPub Global Connection - 2018

"At a time when reloigion is often hijacked by violent extremsits or dismissed as irrelevant in the modern world, Dr. Antony Fermando's bool is a welcom and timely publication.
- Rev. Dr. Marcus Braybrooke, Joint-President of the World Congress of Faiths and author of "Widening Vision: The World Congress of Faiths and the Growing Interfaith Movement"

Do you find yourself wondering what the similarities and differences are among the major world religions? What is everyone fighting over? Is there really a reason to fight? With the guidance from this book, you'll find it easy to walk up the pathways of the described religions. You will be amazed, with each chapter, as you grow to understand the origins of these key religions and see their core commonalities.
Dr. Fernando has a fascinating background-his path to priesthood began at 9 years old. His life experiences led him to study Catholicism, Protestant religions, and Buddhism. He passionately teaches and embraces similarities while encouraging his students to use a common language to discuss and refine their understanding of global religions. This journey has taken him from priest to scholar-husband-professor and visionary.
You are guided through Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam as Dr. Fernando introduces the cultural and historical traditions which shaped the faiths of antiquity into the modern religions we see today. Fernando explores the distinction between being born into a religion versus being awakened to a religion.  This awareness helps those who are racially and religiously different to build bridges to understanding and acceptance. The "uni-cultural" ancient religions and the modern, multi-national religions of the present day are, in fact, tied together by a common history and foundation.
Is there really a reason to fight anymore?
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Weitere Titel:
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