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Titus-Brandsma-Instituut Nijmegen - Jahrbücher / Yearbooks 2018 / 2019: Studies in Spirituality (SIS)

Volume 29/2019

The titles of the contributions Studies in Spirituality 29 

  • Raúl Fornet-Betancourt, Philosophy and Theology – Remarks on an Intercultural Examination of an Ambiguous Distinction
  • Michael Chung, Philodemus’s Advice on Dealing with Obstinacy
  • Christian Hengstermann, The ‘Shadow of the Logos’ –
    Origen’s Metaphysics and Mysticism of Motion
  • Kitty Bouwman, Spiritual Motherhood of Monnica –
    Two Mothers in the Life of Saint Augustine
  • Christopher M. Bellitto, To Be Martha or Mary during the Great Western Schism
  • Paolo Astorri, The Spirituality of the Law in Early Modern Lutheranism
  • Marina Sawall, Teresa of Avila and the Relationship of Humility to Insight
  • Fiona Gardner, Tension of Existence – An Analysis of Harry Williams’ Responses
    to the Movement of Divine Presence
  • David T. Bradford, Mystical Process in Richard M. Bucke’s Experience
    of Cosmic Consciousness
  • Vegard Holm & Jan-Olav Henriksen, Experiences from a Ritual of Forgiveness –
    An Empirical Study of the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius Conducted
    in a Norwegian Prison
  • Thomas Quartier, Performative Heimat- und Gottsuche –
    Kritische Spiritualität bei deutschsprachigen Liedermachern
  • Jeroen A. van Lawick van Pabst, Personal Leadership as Spiritual Way
    in Today’s World – Exploring Christian Spirituality’s Contribution
    to Today’s Personal Leadership through Works of De Certeau and Ciszek
  • Imre Koncsik, Spiritualität als Leidbewältigungspraxis?
    Impulse Rut Björkmans für ein gelingendes Leben
  • Jean-Pierre Fortin, ‘Blessed Are Those Who Mourn’ –
    The Coexistence and Paradoxical Conjunction of Joy and Suffering
  • Rico Sneller, Spirituality as Poetry – On Richard Berengarten’s Balkan Trilogy
  • Christiane Alpers, The End of Kenotic Suffering –
    The Centrality of God’s Love of Sinners in Schillebeeckx’s and
    Balthasar’s Soteriologies
  • Book notices
  • On the authors

Volume 28/2018

 A new volume of Studies in Spirituality has appeared.
Studies in Spirituality 28/2018 contains the following articles:

Transforming Spirituality.
of the International Conference
held at Soeterbeeck (the Netherlands)
6 and 7 May 2016

--- Introduction – Kees Waaijman
--- Rossano Zas Friz De Col: The Future of the Study of Spirituality
--- Ben Schomakers: Transforming Mystical Theology –
    Reconstructing an Early Spiritual Trialogue: Plotinus, Proclus and Dionysius
--- Janet K. Ruffing: The Praxis of Spirituality –
     Experiencing God and Responding to that Relationship
--- Marc De Kesel: Spirituality & The Social – Some Reflections on the Basics

--- David B. Perrin:
    Mimesis – The Substructure of Hermeneutical Methodology in Christian Spirituality
--- Wilhelm Dupré:
     Primo es homo, secundo Christianus, deinde vocatus ad hoc vel illud –
     Some Remarks on the Imago Dei as Key to the Unfolding of Being Human and Cultural
--- Albrecht Classen: 
     Mystical Literature for the Modern Reader –
     Responses to a Dilemma and Pragmatic Suggestions for the Teaching
     of Mysticism Today.  With a Focus on Mechthild of Magdeburg
--- Louisa van der Pol: Buzzing Up Towards the Choirs –
    The Theme of Gotes Geswîgen in C.O. Jellema’s Poem ‘De Tombe van Meister Eckhart’
--- Dale M. Schlitt: Abbot Suger – A Trinitarian Space
--- Chad Thralls: Urban Parks as Sacred Places –
     Pilgrimage, Solitude, and Access to Nature
--- Kieran Hayes: Merton and the Red Thread
--- Reginald Alva: Embodiment & Spirituality –
    The Role of the Catholic Charismatic  Renewal Movement in
    Promoting Spirituality through Embodiment
--- Hannah Wortzman: The Daughters of Men and the Sons of God –
     Breaking the Boundaries between the Spiritual and the Divine
---  Cullan Joyce: Cosmology, Worldview, and Attitude –
     A Discussion of Maximus the Confessor in Light of Mindfulness Meditation
--- Casthelia Kartika: Origen on the Return of the Fallen Soul to God through
    the Interplay of Prayer and Scripture
--- Frits Mertens & Beatrice van der Heijden: Spirituality at Work –
     Results from a Questionnaire among 765 Blue and White Collar Workers

--- Book notices --- On the authors

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