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Die Ausbreitung des Buddhismus --- Hg.: Ann Heirman und Stephan Peter Bumbacher

Ann Heirman and 
Stephan Peter Bumbacher
The Spread of Buddhism
Serie: Asian Studies
Handbook of Oriental Studies. Section 8 Uralic & Central Asian Studies
, Band: 16
Leiden: Brill 2007 
x, 474 pp., 1 illustr.

Verlagsinformtion / Information of the Editor

In no region of the world Buddhism can be seen as a unified doctrinal system. It rather consists of a multitude of different ideas, practices and behaviours. Geographical, social, political, economic, philosophical, religious, and also linguistic factors all played their role in its development and spread, but this role was different from region to region. Based on up-to-date research, this book aims at unraveling the complex factors that shaped the presence of particular forms of Buddhism in the regions to the north and the east of India. The result is a fascinating view on the mechanisms that allowed or hampered the presence of (certain aspects of) Buddhism in regions such as Central Asia, China, Tibet, Mongolia, or Korea. 

Inhaltsverzeichnis / Contents

Buddhism in Gandhara
Siglinde Dietz --- S. 49–74

Index of names --- A. Heirman and S.P. Bumbacher
--- S. 457–464

Index of places --- A. Heirman and S.P. Bumbacher
--- S. 465–470

Index of titles --- A. Heirman and S.P. Bumbacher
--- S. 471–474

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