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G.H. van Kooten / J. van Ruiten (Hg.): Intoleranz, Polemik und Debatten in der Antike

George H. van Kooten and Jacques van Ruiten (eds.):

Intolerance, Polemics, and Debate in Antiquity

Politico-Cultural, Philosophical, and Religious Forms of Critical Conversation
Politisch-kulturelle, philosophische und religiöse Formen kritischer Konversation


Leiden: Brill 2019 (October)

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978-90-0-41067-1 ---
Publisher's Information
In Intolerance, Polemics, and Debate in Antiquity scholars reflect on politico-cultural, philosophical, and religious forms of critical conversation in the ancient Near Eastern, Biblical, Graeco-Roman, and early-Islamic world. They enquire into the boundaries between debate, polemics, and intolerance, and address their manifestations in both philosophy and religion. This cross-cultural and inclusive approach shows that debate and polemics are not so different as often assumed, since polemics may also indicate that ultimate values are at stake. Polemics can also have a positive effect, stimulating further cultural development. Intolerance is more straightforwardly negative. Religious intolerance is often a justification for politics, but also elite rationalism can become totalitarian. The volume also highlights the importance of the fluency of minorities in the dominant discourses and of their ability to develop contrapuntal lines of thought within a common cultural discourse

Die Herausgeber und Autoren / Editors and Authors:
George van Kooten, Ph.D. (2001), Leiden University, is the Lady Margaret’s Professor of Divinity at the University of Cambridge. His interests and expertise concern the contextualization of the New Testament writings in their Graeco-Roman context. 
Jacques van Ruiten, Ph.D. (1990), Catholic University Amsterdam, is Professor of the Reception History of the Bible at the University of Groningen. He has published extensively on the reception history of biblical texts, especially in early Judaism. Recently, he was visiting fellow at the Pontificio Instituto Biblico, Rome (2016-17). Contributors:
Robbert van den Berg, Stefan Beyerle, George Boys-Stones, Reuven Firestone, Pieter B. Hartog, Paul Heck, Paulin Ismard, George van Kooten, Marjo C. Korpel, Dominik Markl, Steve Mason, Peter Franz Mittag, James C. Oleson, James Carleton Paget, Lautaro Roig Lanzillotta, Jacques van Ruiten, Diego R. Sarrió Cucarella, Clare Wilde.

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