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Tobias Janz / Chien-Chang Yang (eds.):
Decentering Musical Modernity
Perspectives on East Asian
and European Music History
Bielefeld: Transcript 2019, 374 S.
ISBN: 978-3-8376-4649-8

This collection investigates the concept
of modernity in music
and its multiple interpretations
in Europe and East Asia.
Through contributions by both European
 and East Asian musicologists it discusses
how a decentered understanding
of musical modernity could be matched
on multiple historiographical perspectives
while being attentive to the specificities
 of local music and their narratives in East Asia and Europe.
The essays connect local, global and transnational history with
sociological theories of modernity and modernization,
making the volume an important contribution to overcoming
the Eurocentric dichotomy between western music
and world music within the field of historical musicology.

Content / Inhaltsverzeichnis
| 7
Introduction: Musicology, Musical Modernity,
and the Challenges of Entangled History
 --- Tobias JANZ and YANG Chien-Chang | 9
Modernity as Postcolonial Encounter in Korean Music
 --- CHOI Yu-jun | 41 

Modernity, Regionality, and Twentieth-Century Symphony:
On Jean Sibelius and Yamada Kōsaku
 --- Kathrin KIRSCH | 63
Music at the Service of Nordic Modernity?
Wilhelm Stenhammar’s Opening Cantata for the “General Arts
and Industries Exhibition” in Stockholm in 1897
 --- Signe ROTTER-BROMAN | 87
Different Interpretations of Musical Modernity?
Xiao Youmei’s Studies in Leipzig and the Foundation
of the Modern Chinese Folk Orchestra
 --- Hannes JEDECK | 123
Traditional Music, Alternative Modernity, and Internal Colonialism:
Reassessing the Campaigns for National Music
and Folk Songs in Taiwan
 --- KAM Lap-Kwan | 145
Reflexivity as Method: A Historiographical Comparison
of Finnish
Pelimanni Music and Taiwanese Hakka Music --- HSU Hsin-Wen | 173
Nonsimultaneity of the Simultaneous: Internationalism
and Universalism in Postwar Art Music until the 1970s
 --- Christian UTZ | 207
Synchronizing Twentieth-Century Music:
A Transnational Reflection
 --- YANG Chien-Chang | 247
Multiple Musical Modernities?
Dahlhaus, Eisenstadt, and the Case of Japan
 --- Tobias JANZ | 279
Contemplating East Asian Music History in Regional
and Global Contexts:
On Modernity, Nationalism, and Colonialism
 --- YAMAUCHI Fumitaka | 313
General Index |
| 371

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