Freitag, 15. Oktober 2021

Orientalismus und deutsche Orientbilder

Edoardo Massimilla | Giovanni Morrone (eds.):
Deutschland und der Orient
Philologie, Philosophie, historische Kulturwissenschaften
Hildesheim: Olms 2021, 436 S., mit 2 Abb.

Series: Studien und Materialien
zur Geschichte der Philosophie, 100

ISBN: 978-3-487-16018-4

Editor's Information

The present volume is based on the conviction that only by starting from a comparison and integration of different perspectives and disciplines can the complexity of the theoretical, methodological, socio-political and cultural-critical motives underlying German Orientalism be presented. The single disciplinary developments offer only one-sided and fragmentary views if they do not take into account the constitutive interdependence that the individual approaches of philology, philosophy and historical sciences of culture contribute to the subject of the Orient. Overcoming the idea of a history of historiographical culture as a sequence of horti conclusi and non-communicating specialisms is what this volume attempts with a first step that is not easy and also risky. 

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