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Studies in Interreligious Dialogue (SID) - Vol. 31-2021-2 & Vol. 32-2022-1- and previous issues

Bisherige Ausgaben (seit 1990) 

Editorial board:
Frans Wijsen (Nijmegen, chair)
Udo Tworuschka (Jena)
Pim Valkenburg (Washington)
Zainal Bagir (Yogyakarta)

Advisory Board:
David Cheetham (Birmingham)
Anne Koch (Salzburg)
Reinhard Kirste (Dortmund)
Catherine Cornille (Boston)
Mu'nim Sirry (Notre Dame)
Najeeba Syeed-Miller (Claremont)
Michael Schmiedel (Bielefeld)
Marianne Moyaert (Amsterdam)
Nelly Van Doorn-Harder (Winston-Salem)

Language editor:
Elizabeth Tracy (Portland)

SID - Volume 32 - issue 1-2022
1 - 6 - 
Francis, Fratelli Tutti, and Comparative Theology. Introductory Reflections

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7 - 10 - 
Fratelli Tutti - An Interreligious Perspective - FREDERICKS, James L.
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11 - 20 - 
Fratelli Tutti
Seeking the Good in Religious Time
WONG, Stephanie M.

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21 - 31 - 
Exploring the Depths and Boundaries of Fraternity. A Muslim Reading of Fratelli Tutti - NGUYEN, Martin
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33 - 65 - 
Drawing near to God, Drawing near to Others On Fratelli Tutti, Friendship (walāya), and Muslim-Christian Co-Resistance - OAKS TAKÁCS, Axel Marc
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67 - 93 - 
What are Comparative Theologians Doing when they are Doing. Comparative Theology? A Lonerganian Perspective with Examples from the Engagement with Islam - DADOSKY, John D., KROKUS, Christian
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95 - 112 - 
The Second Admonition of St. Francis of Assisi in Dialogue with the Four Noble Truths - LEE, Yongho Francis
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SID - Volume 31 - issue 2-2021

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89 - 116 - 
Buddhist Accounts of Religious Diversity - SCHMIDT-LEUKEL, Perry
abstract details  download pdf

117 - 127 - 
'Sagehood' in Confucianism and the 'Universal Call to Holiness' in Roman Catholicism - 
LEE, Erica Siu-Mui

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129 - 152 - 
Indigenous Ritual Geography and Interreligious Participation
An Account of Fulpātī Ritual in Eastern Himalayas in India - 
THAPA, Shivam, CHATURVEDI, Namrata

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153 - 177 - 
Integrating Religious Considerations in End-of-Life Care in Malaysia
An Ethico-Legal Perspective - 
ALIAS, Fadhlina, KASSIM, Puteri Nemie Jahn, BAHARUDDIN, Ahmad Syukran

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179 - 200 - 
The Concept of Revelation in Islam from the Perspective of Comparative Theology - VALKENBERG, Pim
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