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Religion im antiken Ephesus - vielfältige Einblicke in Räume, Strukturen und Objekte (aktualisiert)

Religion in Ephesos Reconsidered

Archaeology of Spaces, Structures, and Objects

Religion in Ephesos neu bedacht - Archäologie von Räumen, Strukturen und Objekten

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Part 1 Structures
Chapter 1 The So-Called Imperial Cult Temple for Domitian in Ephesos
Chapter 2 The So-called Serapeion in Ephesos: First Results of the Building Research
Chapter 3 Thekla in the Cave of St. Paul at Ephesos
Chapter 4 Selected Evidence of Christian Residents in Late Antique Ephesos

Part 2 Spaces
Chapter 5 The Upper Agora at Ephesos: an Imperial Forum?
Chapter 6 The Magnesian Gate of Ephesos
Chapter 7 Mortuary Landscape and Group Identity in Roman Ephesos
Chapter 8 Sacred Space for Dionysos in Ephesos and the House of C. Fl. Furius Aptus
Chapter 9 The Artemision in the Roman Era:
New Results of Research within the Sanctuary of Artemis

Chapter 10 Invisible ‘Christians’ in the Ephesian Landscape:
Using Geophysical Surveys to De-Center Paul

Part 3 Objects
Chapter 11 Ruler Cults and Imperial Cults at Ephesos:
First Century BCE to Third Century CE

Chapter 12 Archaeological Evidence for Private Worship and Domestic Religion
 in Terrace House 2 at Ephesos

Chapter 13 The Meaning and Use of Terracotta Figurines in the Terrace Houses in Ephesos

Back Matter
Bibliography --- Subject Index --- Index of Place Names 

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