Dienstag, 5. Januar 2016

Biografisch-meditative Einsichten

Der ehemalige Leiter der Seelsorge-Abteilung (Department of Spiritual Care) am Universitätskrankenhaus Utrecht (Utrecht Universal Medical Center),
Pfarrer Drs. Ari van Buuren hat ein Buch im Sinne von Lebens-Spiegelungen herausgebracht: 


'Slemsleutels' - bespiegelingen over woord, stemen taal
= Spiegelungen von Wort,  Stimme und Sprache
- eingebunden in persönliche Lebenserfahrungen.

Nijmegen (NL): Valkhofers Pers 2015
--- ISBN 978-905625-452-0

TUNING PEGS - Stimmig werdende Wegmarken

The pasture of life

loses my eagerness
she now nourishes me

Das Weideland des Lebens
verliert meine eifernde Ungeduld
es nährt mich nun

Tuning Pegs is like a mosaic of reflections on the wonder of language.

It offers a variety of biographical, meditative and poetic insights, inspired by Antje Krog’s, Rumi’s and Fairoez’s writings. The range of topics is wide: from Hand Keilson’s analysis of Hitler’s voice, to praying at Yahya’s shrine in Damascus, and the Ubuntu philosophy of Desmond Tutu.

Tuning Pegs reflects the author’s experiences as a spiritual care giver, theologian and gestalt therapist. In 2014 he successfully underwent neurosurgery on a part of the brain near the speech center. This procedure and his subsequent recovery has also influenced his texts and poems.

In his diary entries the author has a frank dialogue with illness and shares his personal experiences while in the Middle East.
Tuning Pegs closes with a tribute to the rainbow.

The river of life consists in the interaction of riverbed and flow. While working in the field of psychiatry the author discovered the value of imagery. In interreligious dialogue words are different yet identical.

What is our contribution to the future of society? Tuning Pegs offers an overture.


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