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---- Handbuch der Orientalischen Studien (HdO) --------- Sektion 1: Naher & Mittlerer Osten --- Sektion 2: Südasien (mit Updates)

Verlag / Editor: Brill (Leiden, NL)

Handbook of Oriental Studies.
Section 1: The Near and Middle East
Herausgeber:innen  / editors:
Maribel FierroM. Şükrü HanioğluRenata HolodFlorian SchwarzChristian LeitzHolger GzellaCaroline Waerzeggers
Dirk WickeChristopher Woods

Scholarly reference works, bibliographic works and research tools pertaining to the political, economic, and social history of the Near and Middle East and Muslim World at large, encompassing works in the humanities as well as the social sciences; studies of religions, the sciences, arts, archaeology, anthropology, literature and linguistics. 
Überblick - die gesamte Reihe  / Overview - the complete collection: 1964ff
Bd. 1 - 182 (2024)

Handbook of Oriental Studies.
Section 2: South Asia

Herausgeber:innen - editors: 
Muzaffar AlamJohannes Bronkhorst
Knut A. Jacobsen
Überblick - die gesamte Reihe  /
Overview - the complete collection: 1966 ff

Bd. 1 - 39 (2024)
Inhaltsverzeichnis / Contents >>>
Brill’s Handbook of Oriental Studies,
Section Two: South Asia 
series primarily comprises graduate-plus scholarly reference tools for the study of the history, cultures, religions, and languages of South Asia. The series welcomes handbooks on either specific topics or periods from c. 1750 BCE to approximately the year 1900. Reference handbooks on the modern period are taken into consideration as well, provided (treatment of the) subject will make a title first reference on the topic for years to come; both single author and edited volumes will be taken into consideration. Typical examples are encyclopaedic works, (history) survey works, atlases, (biographical) dictionaries, (reference) grammars, deemed indispensable for the study of the field. In principle the volumes in the series are in English. 

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