Montag, 17. Juli 2023

WCC, ed. / ÖRK, Hg: International Review of Mission (IRM) - all issues - open edition

Cover imageFor more than 100 years the International Review of Mission has been the leading academic journal with contributions by outstanding missiologists from all over the world and from various Christian backgrounds.

The International Review of Mission is the result of the World Missionary Conference in Edinburgh in 1910. It is a witness to the paradigm shift which has taken place over the past 100 years in missiology and theology of mission and gives new perspectives, opens new ways and topics.

The International Review of Mission is published twice a year by the World Council of Churches. It focuses on the ecumenical practice of mission, includes a variety of theological perspectives, including thoseof Pentecostal and Evangelical missiologists. Articles on important mission events are presented along with book reviews and reports of conferences and consultations.

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