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Die mystischen Predigten aus Arnheim (16. Jahrhundert)

Cover The Arnhem Mystical Sermons

Ineka Cornet:

The Arnhem Mystical Sermons

Preaching Liturgical Mysticism
in the Context of Catholic Reform

In The Arnhem Mystical Sermons: Preaching Liturgical Mysticism in the Context of Catholic Reform, Ineke Cornet presents the first in-depth study of this sermon collection from the canonnesses of St. Agnes in Arnhem.
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Sixteenth-Century Mystical Culture and the Arnhem Sint-Agnes Convent. Brepols 2015
Through a careful analysis of sources and parallels, this book demonstrates how the sermons creatively integrate both Rhineland and Brabantine mysticism into a unique commentary on the liturgical year. The sermons, which contribute to the Catholic Reform, systematically explore the mystical celebration of the liturgy which underpins every aspect of the collection’s theology of inner ascent. Together with the Evangelical Pearl and the Temple of Our Soul, the sermons are part of a wider literary network that plays a significant part in the history of Dutch mysticism.

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Wallonische Kirche Arnheim,
ursprünglich Agnes-Kapelle (15. Jh.),
Rest des Agnetenklosters

--- Petrus Canisius SJ
Humanist und Europäer

Hg.: Rainer Berndt S.J. Berlin:
Akademie-Verlag 2000
Darin der Beitrag von
Rita Haub:

Impressionen zum Testament von Petrus Canisius,
S. 328-329: Canisius in Arnheim
bei Reinalda van Eymeren (ca. 1465-1540)

Kees Kuiken: Anonieme Maagd,
 wellicht [vielleicht] Reinalda? van EYMEREN
(resources huygens) 
--- Een Bewoonster van het klooster: Reinalda van Eymeren  

    (Historisch Arnhem)

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