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The World Congress of Faiths (WCF) and ----- Journal Interreligious Insight (aktualisiert)


        Interreligious Insight - the Journal of WCF
Editor: Alan Race >>>

Our journal (published twice a year) covers all aspects of interfaith knowledge and practice, with food for thought from around the world, and articles from researchers, leaders and grassroots activists. It is published in print and online about twice a year.

Unsere Zeitschrift erscheint zweimal im Jahr und befasst sich mit allen Aspekten des interreligiösen Wissens und der interreligiösen Praxis, mit Denkanstößen aus aller Welt und Artikeln von Forschern, führenden Persönlichkeiten und Aktivisten an der Basis. Sie wird etwa zweimal im Jahr in gedruckter Form und online veröffentlicht.

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  Vol. 20, No. 2,
  December 2022: 

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  Alan Race / Warwick  Hawkins

  Unutterable Joy

  An anthology of writings
  from the World Congress of Faiths
  interreligious dialogue
  and understanding.

   World Congress of Faiths [WCF ]
   2022, 385 pp. 
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Interreligious Insight
Volume 20, No. 1 /
June 2022, 96 pp. 

Volume 19, No.2, December 2021

Shared editorial |  The Editor (Dr Alan Race),
Herbert Bronstein, Sachin Nandha, Gursharan Thandi,
Rod Duncan 
Creative Encounters |

Humanity's Broken Relationship with Nature | "Uncle" Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq

Inflection Point: Towards new frameworks for engaging religion in public discourse and policy-making on our unprecedented global challenges | Kishan Manocha

Human Dignity and Religious Freedom: a constructive ethical reflection | Kusumita P Pedersen

Encountering Inter Faith Friendship: a personal journey | Anthony Gimpel

Waiting for the Messiah: a Jewish-Buddhist reflection on Fiddler on the Roof |
Richard Oxenberg

Rabbi Tevye: a Jewish reflection | Michael Hilton

             Love, Loss, Tradition: a Christian response to Waiting for the Messiah | Sorrel Shamel-Wood

Discerning Among Conflicting "Traditions" with the Help of the Kalama Sutta: a Buddhist Reflection | Abraham Velez de Cea

Buddhist Teaching Methodologies for Social Justice Education | Christian van Gorder

 In Review |

Why British Muslims? Still Lagging Behind | Qadir Bakhsh and Maqsood Ahmed | Reviewer: Khola Hasan

Possibility of Interreligious Dialogue | Michael H Mitias | Reviewer: Peter A Huff

Breakthrough to Dialogue: the story of and reflections on Temple University's Department of Religion | ed. Leonard Swidler | Reviewer: Melanie-Prejean Sullivan

My Journey as a Religious Pluralist: a Christian theology of religions reclaimed |  Alan Race | Reviewer: Jonathan Clatworthy

             Faith in Democracy: framing a politics of deep diversity | Jonathan Chaplin | Reviewer: Charles Pickstone

On the Significance of Religion for Global Diplomacy | Philip McDonagh, Kishan Manocha,
John Neary and Lucia Vazquez Mendoza | Reviewer: John Barnabas Leith

Poetry and QuotationsThe Ground On Which I Stand | The Buddha / Some Zen Koans For You

Order back issues of Interreligious Insight, and its predecessor, "World Faiths Encounter" from the WCF Office (most are available for about £6 or $10 per copy including postage). Please email .

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