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Jüdische Philosophie -- vom Mittelalter bis ins 17. Jh. -- Wissenschaft, Rationalismus und Religion

Tamar M. Rudavsky: 
Jewish Philosophy in the Middle Ages
Science, Rationalism, and Religion

The Oxford History of Philosophy

Oxford University Press 2018, 320 pp.
ISBN: 978-0199580903

Table of Contents
1:  Introduction: What Is Jewish Philosophy?
2:  Athens, Jerusalem, and Beyond:
     The Formative Schools and Personalities
3:  On Achieving Truth: Science, Philosophy,
     and Faith
4:  Divine Science:
     The Existence and Nature of God
5:  Philosophical Theology: God, Suffering,
     and Omniscience
6:  Creation, Time, and Eternity
7:  Philosophical Cosmology:
     The Nature of the Universe
8:  On Immortality and the Nature of the Soul
9:  Social and Political Thought: Happiness,
     Virtue, and Living the Good Life
0: Concluding Comments
Description / Verlagsbeschreibung

T. M. Rudavsky presents a new account of the development of Jewish philosophy from the tenth century to Spinoza in the seventeenth, viewed as part of an ongoing dialogue with medieval Christian and Islamic thought. Her aim is to provide a broad historical survey of major figures and schools within the medieval Jewish tradition, focusing on the tensions between Judaism and rational thought. This is reflected in particular philosophical controversies across a wide range of issues in metaphysics, language, cosmology, and philosophical theology. The book illuminates our understanding of medieval thought by offering a much richer view of the Jewish philosophical tradition, informed by the considerable recent research that has been done in this area.

The Author / die Autorin
T.M. Rudavsky is Professor of Philosophy at The Ohio State University.
She, she is co-editor with Steven Nadler of the Cambridge History of Jewish Philosophy: From Antiquity through the Seventeenth Century (2009) and author of Time Matters: Time, Creation and Cosmology in Medieval Jewish Philosophy (2000). Her most recent book (2010) on Maimonides has appeared in the "Great Minds" series with Blackwell-Wiley Press. The author as well of numerous articles and encyclopedia entries, her major research continues to focus on issues connected to philosophical cosmology in medieval Jewish and scholastic thought.

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