Samstag, 24. Oktober 2020

Persönlichkeiten von den Anfängen bis in die Gegenwart: Sie prägten und prägen die Islamische Welt (aktualisiert)

Makers of the Muslim World
Eine umfassende Serie zur Entwicklungsgeschichte
der Islamischen Welt,
die kontinuierlich fortgesetzt wird

This is the first series entirely devoted to the men and women who made the Muslim world what it is today, whether they were poets or scholars, artists or scientists, politicians or religious leaders. The series will cover the entire range of Islamic civilization in geographic and chronological terms. Intended as a guide for students, laymen, Islamicists in need of quick orientation, and academics in other fields, the books are written by experts in a clear and straightforward language and no prior knowledge of Islam or its history is required to follow them.
Series Editors: Professor Khaled El-Rouayheb (Harvard) and
Professor Sabine Schmidtke (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton)

‘A brilliant and compelling, accessible and scholarly series of great history books that bring to life the greatest Muslim leaders in history, from statesmen, philosophers and poets, such as Caliph Abd al-Malik and Mughal Emperor Akbar, President Nasser, Abu Nuwas and al-Mutanabbi, from the seventh century to the twentieth, from Morocco to Malaysia, written for general readers, filled with fascinating character sketches and anecdotes as well as acute analysis of ideas and theology. I eagerly await each new volume: these are essential reading for anyone interested in Islamic history and culture – or anyone who just enjoys great reads about giant historical characters.’

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