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Bildung und Lernen in den (hohen) Schulen des 12. Jahrhunderts

Cédric Giraud (ed.):

A Companion to Twelfth-Century Schools

Brill's Companions 

  • Leiden: Brill 2019, X, 332 pp.
     --- ISBN 978-90-04-32326-1 ---
     --- auch als E-Book erhältlich --

  • This Companion to Twelfth-Century Schools provides a comprehensive update
    and new synthesis 
    of the last three decades of research.
     The fruit of a contemporary renewal of cultural history
    among international scholars of medieval studies,
    this collection draws on the discoveryof new texts,
    the progress made in critical attribution, the growing attention
    given to the conditions surrounding the oral and written issemination
    of works, the use of the notion
    of a “community of learning”, the reinterpretation of the relations
    between the cloister and the urban school, and links
    between nstitutional history and social history. 

  • Contributors are:
  • Alexander Andrée, Irene Caiazzo, Cédric Giraud,
    Frédéric Goubier,
    Danielle Jacquart, 
    Thierry Kouamé,
    Constant J. Mews, Ken Pennington,
    Dominique Poirel,
    Irène Rosier-Catach,
    Sita Steckel, Jacques Verger,
    and Olga Weijers

Inhaltsverzeichnis - Contents
Abbreviations --- Notes on Contributors

Methods and Tools of Learning
Olga Weijers --- Seiten: 95–112

Septem Artes Liberales:
Trivium et Quadrivium

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